Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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NAME HERE : Xavier Bennett


Xavier Bennett ~ The lone Wolf 34fcqrs


Nick Names: None


Xavier Bennett fits the Lycan profile almost to perfectly. With a bulky yet slender build, Xavier stands at 6'2 and weighs only 160pounds. He has tanned skin, black hair and strikingly beautiful green eyes. On his left arm, starting on his shoulder and ending where his elbow starts, is a tattoo.

Age- Twenty Years old.

Species- Lycan

IF lycan Wolf looks:

Xavier Bennett ~ The lone Wolf 2jg7d02

Pack/Clan/SB/loner? Loner

Ranking: Loner

Skills: Xavier is extremely talented in playing the guitar as well as drawing.. most of his drawings are from things the he sees in his dreams.

Job: Bartender.


The silent type, Xavier is rarely ever seen speaking to others, his mind is always on the job that he is given. He literally shows no emotions and some have never seen him smile. He is sharp minded and strongly willed, considered to be the 'bad-ass' werewolf. Having grown up being independent, Xavier hates to have to rely on others and usually goes on to do things without asking for help. Stubborn, short temper, gentle to some.


Xavier is the Second son and middle child of the Bennett family. He was born on October 20th nine years after his brother was born.

When he was in his teens, his younger sister had been born and shortly after his parents disappeared, his mother is believed to be dead. Even when his parents were around they never took an interest in him. Xavier, though he knows how to speak and learned when he was really young never uses his voice.

As he aged, Xavier began to act out and sleep with people to drown is sorrows, never claiming to love the person, his relationships never lasted more then a few weeks.

Having basically raised himself, he doesn't trust or rely on others and tends to push them away.


Wife/Husband?: Don't make me laugh

Kids: ... Probably.

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: male



Guitar, Art, Solitude, the dark, drinking, silence.


Humans, other lycans, love, any kind of emotions, any other kind of creatures
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Xavier Bennett ~ The lone Wolf
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