Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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The wolf ranks~

> The Alpha Pair; They are mates and also the head of the wolf/were-wolf society. Their word is law!

> Beta Pair; Are the second in command as well as mates and to take over when the alpha pair resign or die or challenged.

> Delta Pair; Are mates and going to be Betas when the betas are alphas

> Guardians; THe ones who follow and protect the alphas with their life

Shaman> the healer of the pack, he/she takes care of the injured, weak or unhealthy. They could have mates but it's best they don't their job comes first

Shaman Novice> The shaman novice, they are in training they learn the ways of a Shaman. As stated above, they could have mates but shouldn't their job comes first

Head Fighter> they prove they are good enough and fit enough out of all, they lead and launch attacks if the Alpha approves (3 in each pack)

Fighters> Their main job is to fight for the pack and is their skill as well, they could hunt and patrol as well, but mainly are build to fight

Head Scout> Is the one who arranges patrols and leads the as well (3 in each pack)

Scouts> Scouts are the wolves that look out for trouble and then report it to the alpha. Their main job is hearing and scenting well to catch an intruder but could fight and hunt as well

Head Hunter> they are the ones who assign hunting parties and hunt well(3 in each pack)

Hunters> Their job is to hunt for the pack and they are really good at that skill. They could fight and scout as well.

Novices> Are in training to become Hunters, Fighters, or scouts

Pregnant/nursing wolves> They are either expecting to have pups or are nursing then

Pups> the pups of the pack also known as babies

Elders> the elderly and retired of the pack

> Rank (High rank)

Rank> (Standard Rank)
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Wolf Ranks
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