Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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Example Bio Template Alpha_12


Nick Names: Alpha & Steele

Appearance- Steele is 6"3, with light tanned skin and facial hair. His hair is deep rich black and is silky and smooth. His eyes are a deep hazel color that change color from deep green to hazel brown depending on his mood. He has lean and toned body and a voice that is controlling and stern. He has a few tattoos around his body that could be seen if he is shirtless or if her ears a muscle shirt.

Age- 21 years young

Species- Full blooded Lycan

IF lycan Wolf looks: His wolf is a huge pitch black wolf with a silver tint and deep amber eyes

Pack/Clan/SB/loner? Crimson Shadows Pack

Ranking(Do *NOT* pick high ranks): Alpha Male

Skills: His skills range from his speed to his fighting. Like all Lycans he has a strong sense of smell and very quick reflexes.

Job: Alpha of CP

Personality: Steele is a very chill and laid back guy, he enjoys meeting new people and hanging out with others. He is funny and sometimes cocky. He enjoys a good and accepts all challenges without thinking twice about it. He can be stern when needed and controlling.

History: Grown into his fathers pack Steele was first born and the one to take the throne after his father retires. When he was 17 his father died and it was up to him to take over the pack, rouges sensing it attacked a launch to destroy him and his pack but he was all to ready for it and his pack came out to be victor. His brother and sister were killed by hunters so he is the only one with the 'Dawson' blood in him. His mom was killed during the war with the rouges.

Family: Drew Dawson (Father, Dead), Emily Dawson (Mother, Dead), Phill Dawson (Brother, Dead) , Rose Dawson (Siter, Dead).

Wife/Husband?: Single

Kids: Nope

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Male

Likes/Dislikes: Partying and having fun, hates Hunters
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Example Bio Template
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