Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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An undiscovered land of beings far from human. These 'creatures' inhabit different areas in the world yet more and more 'creatures' show up each day and many are unidentified and can't recall where it was they came from. This world is a refuge for those earth will not take. It was formed ages ago when the first mythical creatures were being threatened by the human race. Unicorns were being hunted for their healing horns. Griffins for a new way to fly. Gargoyles for decorations, dragons for their scales, elves for slaves, leprechauns for their luck, pixie's for their magic, brownies for their aid, werewolves for their coats and the said danger they are, vampires because the world needs something to hate. Finally, the gods and guardians felt for their creations and created another world for them to live in. A world where there would be lands specified for each of their kind, cities that fit them best. There are several entrances on earth that lead to the second world and for centuries they were guarded and well protected and it was said that only the magical creatures could see the portals. Some creatures didn't want to leave, elven maidens fell in love with mortal men; shape shifters found spots in magic shows, fortune tellers and seers started traveling bands and gained a fortune among the mortals. Vampires looked to stay for all the wonderful meals or even love. These were the mistakes. These were where bloodlines became mixed and mortals began to see the portals. Mortals began to kill what they onced lived in peace with. They killed what was in their blood.

For ages the second world was fine and the people of earth soon forgot about the magical creatures. They believed that they were only stories. Only tales that were told but they were normally happy tales. Little goodnight stories parents told their children. They left out the full horror of it. They forgot to tell their children of the full out wars that were waged against the creatures of myth just because they were different because they had powers. They don't tell their children anymore about the blood shed for no reason. About their mistakes. About the bodies they burned at the stake. They tell stupid stories of mixed up imaginations. The real truth, the real goodness the creatures did and the real horror the humans commited is always forgotten in the tales of old. As time passed, horror worked its way back into the stories and the human children grew up to hate the creatures of myth and wanted to kill them all.

As time passed, the guarded portals seemed to let more things slip in and out. They were almost forgotten about and humans began to slip through and into the second world. Devastation struck and hunters became present in the Second World. Humans that would slip in would be turned into their attackers race or kept as slaves. Some would be turned and stay there for the rest of their lives and fall in love. Some would come seeking the stories they heard and find themselves turned and then they would want to hunt down and kill everything. Evil became present in paradise and horrible legacies rose such as Gabby, The Rare Hunters, Trio's of corrupt brothers or thugs. Yet the gods and guardians were watching their charges and placed a hand on them giving them people to save them. Giving them great beings and great warriors to help protect their beloved creations and their 'children.'

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