Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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Innocence isn't always as it Looks. Alpha_15
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Innocence isn't always as it Looks. 167mkhe


 Innocence isn't always as it Looks.

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Innocence isn't always as it Looks. Empty
PostSubject: Innocence isn't always as it Looks.   Innocence isn't always as it Looks. EmptyFri Jul 18, 2014 12:05 am

Innocence isn't always as it Looks. 2vx3zif
Clementine McKenna

Clementine McKenna is an eight-year old fully blooded vampire. Born over one-hundred years ago, Clementine had been born to a wealthy mortal family who had meddled with the wrong people.  Clementine takes on the appearance she had when she was just an eight-year old mortal child; A small, short blonde haired child with hetero blue and green eyes and pale skin, Young Clementine can be seen wearing a beautiful white dress that suits her complexion well.

"Innocence isn't as it seems" with young Clementine, though she may look innocent, she is anything but. With the power to compel others, she typically manipulates mortals and sometimes other species to do what she wishes. She is sharp minded and wise for her age appearance and constantly uses harsh words towards those whom she sees as a threat.

Clementine's mother; Marceline McKenna -Deceased.
Clementine's father; Rafael McKenna -Deceased.

Clementine was taken on her eighth birthday as she had been made part of her parents gamble with life to the vampires.  Believed to be dead, Clementine's mother was sent into a terrible depression and began to blame her husband for the misdeeds thrown onto the once happy little family. Having been blooded when she was just an eight-year old, Clementine was forced to remain a child for life.
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Innocence isn't always as it Looks.
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