Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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Jackson Dayfield.

Jackson Dayfield.

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PostSubject: The Shopping Center   The Shopping Center EmptyTue Jul 15, 2014 7:52 pm

What a day to get out.... I heard the faint rustling of humans fingering through clothing, books, and other things they seemed to need. The beeping of cellular devices echoed in my ears as I passed by werewolves and humans, my eyes never changing from their teal blue to red or black. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I leaned over the railing keeping the everyone inside of the second floor. Gazing down at some of the creatures, I heard the warm, inviting rush of blood through veins as a young woman passed me. Looking over my shoulder, I stood fully upright as she turned around, a smile on her face. Oh, humans had no clue how vulnerable their lives were. They passed by the most dangerous creatures without so much as a backward glance, not expecting anything to become of it. Holding in a chuckle as the woman came closer to me, I let my hand shoot out to her bicep, guiding her toward me. My charm was just one of the skills I had. I could lure just about anything into my trap, and if they resisted... Well, I don't want to bother with the details. "Hello, mister." The woman greeted, and I smiled brightly. "Greetings, m'lady." I murmured, but my efforts were futile as she was soon whisked away by her giggling, blushing friends.
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Hope watched from the window of a store, she hated shopping but knew she should try and surround herself with a different souls; Vampires, witches, werewolves... humans. She was all but one, and belonged no where but with the only thing she wasn't and even there she didn't belong. Her mossy green eyes searched the charming male and gave a huff as she rolled her eyes. Humans were disgusting creatures, fawning over any thing that would touch them or give them the slights ounce of attention. Her head snapped around when she heard the mere whispers of a few girls, high-schoolers.. 16 and a Leader, 16 with no friends, 16 and wiser then a fifty year old adult. Releasing a chuckle she side shuffled and moved towards the exit
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The Shopping Center
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