Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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Jackson Dayfield.

Jackson Dayfield.

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Jackson Dayfield

Jackson Dayfield Jackson_frost_by_peasant_youpeasant-d7qu6a4

Nick Names:
Jacky, Jacks, Jack.

Physically appears eighteen or nineteen, is actually 2027 years old.

Dorcha Clan.
Hand-to-hand combat, fencing, hunting.
Owner of the local club.
Jackson is harder to describe as a person... He tends to yearn to be alone, rather being buried in a deadly pile of reptiles than being stuck in the middle of bickering girls/guys. He isn't the type of young man that cares about others, tending to speak his mind without thinking of the outcome, good or bad. Because of his appearance, people don't speak to him unless they must. He judges people reguardless of what they've done to protect themselves or even help him. If cornered by people he doesn't like, he tends to lash out. Not with physical blows, rather than intense emotional things that he's noticed about you. When you break is tough outer shell, he can be quite the soft hearted loyalist that many of his close friends cherish so dearly. But that rarely happens, because he refuses to make connections with people.
Roman Times... Togas, spears, swords.. Jackson was born into a small family, already promised to the Roman Soldiers on his third birthday to be taken and trained to kill. His father was the Leader of the Roman Army, but despised Jackson; treated him like a pile of dung. At Jackson's first battle, he nearly lost an arm due to a little mishap with the enemy sword. His father almost tore the limb off, but the other soldiers dragged him away from his bleeding son. Thirteen was a little to young to be ripped apart, literally. Soon after he healed, Jackson nursed a burning anger for his father, resulting in him mercilessly climbing the ranks. On his twenty fourth birthday, Jackson was sent into battle again, but this time barely made it out with his life. He had managed to pull himself away and into a forest, deep enough to where no one would be able to find him unless they truly hunted for him. His pain was unmatched as he lay there, and at some point, someone did find him. It was a woman in white... A beautiful, cold woman. "My darling Jackson..." She murmured, and Jackson was immediately mesmerized by her enchanting voice. He was powerless against her charm, and it ended up with him writhing in pain, unable to call out for help as the woman sunk her teeth into his flesh...
Anamaria Dayfield -Mother-
Duke Dayfield - Father -
Johnathan Dayfield - Brother-
Likes: Hunting, fighting, tracking, messing with minds and emotions. // Dislikes: Competition, rivals, people who harm his Clan.
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Jackson Dayfield
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