Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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Ash Eden Foxx:

Ash Eden Foxx Tumblr_m72a9ucdcB1qdk3v9o1_500
Ash Eden Foxx AshCostelloTheEndTillDeath


Nick Names: None

Appearance- Ash is a beautiful girl in her own special way. Her hair is soft and usually curly. It is unique in that it is a deep black and light red color. It parts down the middle of her hair and perfectly symmetric. Ash stands at a whopping 5'6" but she can still take down a wolf three times her size with just a snap of her teeth and a flash of her eyes. Ash's eyes are a beautiful golden color and turn a dark crimson color when she is in her wolf form. She can show her wolf in her human form when she wants to, but it contrasts with her pale face and slender body. She is very sleek and muscular in both forms.


Species- Lycan

IF lycan Wolf looks:Ash Eden Foxx Finish
Beautiful and sleek in her true form, Ash is slender and tall. Her legs are strong with muscles as well as her body. Despite being weighed down with muscles she is very graceful. Each step is graceful and being born a lycan she grew up shifting and turning into a wolf. It comes easier to her, she finally gave into her wolf side long ago. Now she is at peace with her wolf side even if she flares up every once in a while.

Pack- Night Fall


Skills: Lean muscle and agility but also her knowledge of many many life times and her skills at drawing.
Job: Full time Alpha of Night Fall but on the side she does Tattoo Jobs.

Personality: Ash is very cold when it comes to running her pack. She does have a softer side, but she normally just hides it behind her mask of calamity. Usually Ash just hides everything inside of her until it explodes out of her. Her power isn't her anger though, it's just that when so much pent up anger comes up it explodes. Ash is a sweet gal, once you get past her wall. She is a leader though, she doesn't just anybody in. You better be a special person.

History: Growing up the 1600s wasn't really good for anybody at that time. Ash survived through much, growing up in different times slowly opened her up to the world. She traveled to many different places and has looked very different in each decade or century. She changed her personality a lot, changed her mind and body but once she finally decided to settle down it finally came to her. It came to her that she was meant to be a leader.
Family: Father- Deceased Mother- Deceased Siblings- Alive (But not sure if actually Alive)

Wife/Husband?: No Husband (or Wife)

Kids: None

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Gender: Female

Likes/Dislikes: Likes- Having the wolf contact, being alone in her den, watching the stars, and enjoying the night in her wolf form. Dislikes- Snippy pups, disrespect and wolves who think they are higher than themselves.
Other: Red Moon
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