Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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Agatha Stormshield :

Agatha Stormshield Snow+White+Huntsman_Charlize+Theron


Nick Names: The GodQueen, Wicked Witch, Artist of Atrocities, Lady of the Woods

Lady Agatha stands a tall 5'9" and weighs approximately 135 pounds. Her frame is athletic in build, sleek, but still maintains a feminine form. Her hair is long and blond, ending mid way of her back. She usually keeps her hair up in a bun or ponytail at the very least. Piercing, soul catching blue eyes jump out at you from their sockets, and her lips are as voluptuous as her breasts. Long succulent toned legs and magnificent buttocks round out her bodacious body. Yes, folks, she is a looker.

Age: 300 (in witch years) 35 years (in current appearance looks)

Species: Witch

IF lycan Wolf looks:

Pack/Clan/SB/loner? Loner witch

Ranking: Master Spells Caster. She isn't the greatest ever at one particular dimension of spells like most witches, she is very good at a very wide array of spells.

Skills: Hunting, knife/swords, cooking, tactics, casting spells, witchcraft, arcana
Job: Unemployed

Personality: Agatha is evil. She lacks connection with any living creature, although she does enjoy the carnal things in life such as sex. She is a loner. She is unpredictable. Very cunning is another personality trait that could sum her up, as well as beguiler. She can bluff like no other and seduce just about any man or woman.  

History: Agatha was born 300 years ago to a whore witch of a mother. Her mom never knew who the dad was and raised Agatha best she could, and taught her the ins and outs of being a witch from the get-go. At 12 years old, things changed for Agatha. Her mom mated with the wrong guy, a human, who found out about her being a witch and led the town on a witch hunt for her. They fled but not quick enough. Her mom took her by the river, said her goodbyes, and split with her despite Agatha's protests. The townfolk caught and killed her mom but Agatha escaped.

Luckily Agatha was rescued by a coven of witches. They raised her in the arts of their craft. As decades flew by, Agatha's hatred for humans only grew, to the point it was insatiable. Eventually the coven cast her out, forcing her to become a loner, after she killed one too many and brought more humans after them in record numbers. Ever since then she has been on her own, which she prefers. She has traveled many miles and crossed many lands. She usually picks towns where there's a decent population of children for her to kill, because it is their hearts she needs to induce the spell of youth so she may stay young and attractive.

She only recently came to Lake Frost, where she is currently scouting for sexual partners and youths to eat.  

Family:Beverly Stormshield (Mother/dead). Father unknown. No known other relatives.

Wife/Husband?: She's had hundreds of sexual partners but no bf/gf, marriages, or relationships.

Kids: None

Sexuality: Bisexual and quite the nymphomaniac.

Gender: Female



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OMG!!! I love love love you character ♥️♥️♥️

 :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: 
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