Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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 The Vampires

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The Vampires Vampir10

Looks: Vampires look like any human out there and can hardly be told apart, except for their pale skin and godly looking figures. Vampires can only be told apart from other super natural creatures and expert hunters.

Diet: The vampires diet include blood ranging from human to animal blood. Although they try to fit in so they can also eat human food as well but they will mainly as for it to be cooked rawish.

Weakness: NO the sun dose not kill then but it does bother them, they are not affected by it much however. They can be killed by slicing their heads off.

Powers: Vampires have the advantage of speed and are very good fighters and very smart as well.

Their Bites: Vampire bites can either kill you if they infect the wrong venom or change you into one of them

The change: Once you are changed for the first couple of days you will experience blood lust wanting to kill and eat everything insight.

Names they are known by: Vampires, Blood suckers, lurkers
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The Vampires
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