Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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Nick Names: Sen, Senna, Shadow 

Appearance- She has a slim face, with high cheekbones. She has large, amethyst  eyes, framed with long, dark, curly lashes. Her skin is brown, not to dark, but not too light, and she only wears eyeshadow and lipstick. Her eyeshadow is generally purple and green, but often varies. She wears grapefruit pink, or blood red lipstick, and has full lips. Her nose is flatter to her face, in a cute way. She has her ears pierced, and a scar over her right eye.

Her hair is naturally curly. It is jet black, and reaches her mid-thigh, two straight strands framing her face, and bangs hanging over her right eye. Soft and silky, with natural sheen

Her torso is slim, with a figure eight form. She is always active, and her body is athletic, with muscles, but they don't show. Her body has many scars across it, most of them hidden.

Her legs are slim, and fairly long, and once again, hiding her muscle. To sum it up in one word, their dancers legs, strong yet shapely. Her feet are small, a size five or six.

Age- 19 2/3

Species- Full Lycan

IF lycan Wolf looks: A jet black wolf with silky, long fur, and is tall. She is lithe, and flexible, very athletic, with muscles hidden under her thick coat of fur. Her eyes are gold with slivers of silver, but at night they appear silver with gold hightlights. 

Pack/Clan/SB/loner? Crimson Shadows Pack

Ranking: Fighter

Skills: Is best at fighting, being trained for it her whole life. She is very quick and flexble, and her dark coat helps her blend in when hunting.
Job: Works in the city as a bartendress 

Personality: If Senka is anything, she could be described as a killer. She won't necessarily go on killing sprees, but she can act fully friendly, then turn around and stab you in the back, literally. That doesn't mean she can't be loyal, but she has to deem you worthy, and most don't meet her standards. She has a certain gleam in her eye, that could be described as mischeivious, sly, bloodthirsty. She is multiple personality, and a masochist sociopath, sometimes you can tell, sometimes you can't. She can turn from calm to angry with one false word, as about some things she is very sensitive. She doesn't have any friends, because no one wants to be a pshycopaths friend, for obvious reasons, but Senka can be greatly misunderstood at times, and doesn't bother to explain herself.  She is often harsh, sarcastic, and irritable, but also can act nicely, though it's very very rare. She is cool in a crisis, and isn't even sure if she ever wants a mate. She loves being a wolf, but also loves her human body, and going to stores and places. You'll often find her in the city, at a club, or out in the woods, simply wandering. She has always taken an interest in weapons, and is working towards mastering them. She likes all weapons, but prefers swords over guns. But the time you're most likely to see her is at night, when the moon is high. She ignores the advances of human boys, rather annoyed at them, which isn't ideal for them. She's always very sassy and daring, loving thrills. Overall, she could be nice, if she had someone to try to find the nice in her. Or a slightly less hate of everything.

History: Her mother was kicked from the pack when she was pregnant, for supposedly killing a pup. Ariste and her four siblings were born as loners, and kept in hiding. They were safe and comforable for the first 3 months of their life, before their father left them to find a new pack. Despite their mother's efforts, when they were 5 months old, the pups were taken and used for fight entertainment. While Ariste won most fight, climbing higher and higher in ranking, her siblings did not fare as well, quickly being killed off in the fights. Only Ariste and her sister, Adrienna, continued to win fights. As they grew, they were forced to fight bigger and bigger things. Only the toughest survived, and Adrienna and Ariste became tougher and more harsh, having to mature quicker than most pups. Ariste wasn't necessarily a rebel, but often attacked wolves and guard, or happened to kill her opponant too quickly, as the pack liked the fights to be drawn out. If any of those happened, she would be starved, and would go without food or water until she couldn't manage to even hold her own weight, and would stay curled in the very back of her den until they had mercy on her, and gave her a vole or small rabbit, even a bird, anything that was spared after the last feast. She usually was forced to watch all her packmates feed on large rabbits, and elk and deer, while she sat alone in her cave, either guarded or tied up. She wasn't allowed to stay with her sister in a den, but they stayed very close, taking every opportunity to talk and stay close, which made what happened next all the harder. When She was seven years old, Ariste was forced to kill her now only living sibling, her sister and best friend. She was devastated, and became a harsh killer, feeling no regret to kill another wolf, even trying more and more to escape. It became harder and harder to contain her hostility, and was often punished when she attacked someone, and became the best fight wolf in the pack, and everyone hated to fight her. She sometimes went days before they would feed her. She escaped twice, only to be tracked down again. She turned sullen, and that's when she turned masochist, at times refusing the water or food they brought her, and only feeding herself enough to win her fights, and nothing more. Finally, when

She was twelve, She managed to escape during a storm, when She was left unattended for once, hidden in the darkness by her black fur. She ran without looking back, traveling for months to get as far away from her prison as she could. Around 3 months after that, she discovered her new power, the ability to shift into a human. She escaped into the city, knowing that even if her pack found her, they wouldn't recognize her. She stayed as a human, not daring to shift for months.  She had to begin killing again, or fighting in underground fights, until she had enough money to support herself somewhat, until she was old enough to get a job. 

Family: Raenishae (Raeni, Raen) Tala (Mother, Deceased) Colton Tala (Father, Unkown) Axell Tala (Brother, Deceased) Blade Tala (Brother, Deceased) Adrienna Tala (Sister, Deceased)

Wife/Husband?: Single 

Kids: Nope

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Female



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Senka Tala Approved Fighter Of Crimson Shadows Pack!
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