Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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Welcome to Bear Valley New York. Here, werewolves, shifters, vampires, witches, zombies, skinwalkers and much more live side by side with humans in harmony. But that is about to change. A mysterious stranger has appeared and there have been recent attacks on humans. Is this stranger responsible for these attacks? Mistrust and accusations have been flying around the supernatural community. Fingers are being pointed one another. Will the truth come out? Or will there be a war between the supernaturals and the humans? Which side will YOU choose?
We take place loosely in the world of the SYFY show BITTEN as well as Kelly Armstrong's novels.
we are active with over 200+ members. we are a low word count, no app site. you dont have to know about the show or books to join. High ranks available in packs! we welcome opened plots!NEW GROUPS ADDED!
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