Hidden Secrets

In the town in Lake Frost City supernatural creatures do exist and a huge war is brewing, who will survive and who will win?
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Leader: The head leader of the clan, their word is law and all vampires bow their loyalty to him or her. It is not common for a female to lead some leaders might be partnerless or may have a partner but it is not required for them

Second In Command:The most trusted out of the clan, they are always helping guide the Leader with choices and will take over if the Leader retires, gets challenged or somehow dies

Third In Command: The second most trusted in the clan he/she also consults and gives his/her opinion on choices they have and will move up to SIC once the person in SIC becomes leader or somehow dies or gets challenged

Head Guardian: The head guardian job is to make sure the guardians are doing their job by protecting one of the three people they have be entrusted into being told

Guardians(3): One guardian will protect the Leader, another guardian the SIC and the last guardian the TIC

Lead Hunter: The lead hunter there is one but rarely even two they command hunting parties

Hunters: The hunters of the group who collect blood for the clan

Lead Fighter: The lead fighter there is two they plot against enemies and give plans on launching attacks

Fighters: Fighters who are skilled to go into war

Lead Scout: The lead scout there is one rarely two they lead and command patrolling parties

Scouters: Vampires trained to patrol their territory

Elders: The oldest out of all they are also consulted in any major plans and attend Council meetings

Newly Turned Vamps: New turned vampires they are blood lust and crazy for blood and are kept in the mansion until they can control their blood lust

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Vampire Ranks
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